Before & After

Matching Game

Ages 8+

Before & After

Before & After™ consists two decks of cards with each deck having 56 cards. One deck is comprised of 56 “Before” images. The other deck is comprised of 56 “After” images. The two decks together create 56 matching pairs of Before-After events. At the start of play all 56 “After” cards are spread face-up around the table so that all cards are mostly visible. In each round of play, one “Before” card is flipped face-up and able to be observed by all players. All players simultaneously must visually search the face up “After” images to find the card that correlates to the Before card that is in play. The first player that identifies the matching “After” image and touches it first is declared the winner of that round. That player that first touches the correct corresponding “After” card retains the “After” card as their score. The winner is the first player to accumulate 8 of the “After” cards.